] }

Bob: .......... ?
Jill: One pound.
A) How much is a token
B) How many tokens are there
C) Who has a token
D) Where can I buy some tokens

Dan : -—--—- ?
Joe : Roller coaster. I think it is fantastic.
A) Which rides do you want
B) Who hates carrousels
C) Do you like carnivals
D) What do you think about bumper cars

Andrew : What do you think about carrousels?
Bruce : I think they are fantastic. ----- .
A) I hate them
B) I dislike carrousels
C) I like them
D) I disagree

“I don’t like riding it. It makes me feel dizzy because it goes up and down.”
Yukarıda verilen paragrafta söz edilen “ride” hangisidir?
A) Ghost train.
B) Ferris wheel.
C) Carrousel.
D) Bumper car.

Bill: ............?
Frank: I think they are exciting places.
Diyalogda verilen cevaba uygun düşen soru ne olmalıdır?
A) When do you go to funfairs
B) Why do you hate funfairs
C) What do you do at the funfairs
D) What do you think about funfairs

James: I am bored.
Kevin: How about going to the funfair?
James: Okay. I like riding the roller coaster. What about you?
Kevin: No, I don’t. They are terrifying.
James: I disagree I think they are fantastic.
Kevin: I prefer riding the bumper cars. It’s enjoyable.
James: I agree. Itis fun.
Kevin: Well... Let’s go then.
James: Alright.
What does Kevin offer to do?
A) Staying at home.
B) Going to the funfair.
C) Trying all the rides.
D) None.

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