Soru: Resimdeki kişiyi tarif eden en uygun cümle hangisidir?
A) She looks angry.
B) She is old and overweight.
C) She isn’t an attractive woman.
D) She is beautiful with green eyes.

Soru: Aşağıda verilen cümlelerden anlamlı bir diyalog oluşturan dizimi işaretleyiniz.
I. I see. What about your dad?
II. Do you look like your mum?
III. Well… I think I look like him.
IV. No, I don’t. She’s tall and blonde.

Soru: Hi, my name is Peter. I’m short and fat with short, dark hair and brown eyes. This is the photo of my classmate, my teacher and me. This is my teacher. She is tall and beautiful with long, blonde, wavy hair and big green eyes. She is taller than us. We are all shorter than her. This is Meggy next to the teacher. She is of medium height with curly, black hair and blue eyes. She is my best friend. She is a very successful student. She is more hardworking than me. Her Physics mark is higher than mine, but I’m more punctual than her. She is never on time for the class.
My best friend Meggy isn’t ………
A) successful B) hardworking C) punctual D) young

Soru: I am a proffessional tennis player. I train every day because I want to represent my countıy in Olympic Games. I eat healthy food to be keep fit.
Hello! I am a young and successtul athlete. I won a lot of gold medals in 100 meters and 400 meters. My dream is be champion in 2020 Summer Olympics. I always get up early and do exercise regularly.
Fatih ……….
A) is a professional runner
B) trains every weekends
C) needs a racket and a ball to play it
D) never eats healthy food

Laura: ……….
Rick: In my opinion, skating is the most enjoyable sport.
Verilen cevaba karşılık gelen soruyu bulunuz.
A) Do you like skating B) Where can we do skating C) What do you think about skating D) Are you good at skating

Soru: When the football team appeared in the football pitch, the ………….. cheered loudiy.
A) referees B) spectators C) goalkeepers D) teams

Peter: I exercise in the morning and in the afternoon. I train a day.
A) once B) three times C) usualiy D) twice

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