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Edna: …………?
Laura :I’d love to, but I can’t. I am visiting my grandparents then.
Edna: Are you? Well, another time, perhaps.
A) How about a slumber party at my house on Saturday
B) How often do you visit your grandparents
C) What time shall we meet today
D) What do you usually do at weekends

Ricky : Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?
Martin : Why not? Which movie?
Ricky : ………………
Martin : No, I don’t want to see that kind of movie. Why don’t we see a comedy?
Ricky : Sure, that sounds fun.
A) I am not into sci-fi movies.
B) I dislike watching comedies.
C) How about a horror movie?
D) Shall we go to the cinema?

Lucy : Brenda and I attach importance to each other and we count on each other. We never lie to each other. I like spending time with her. We go shopping, share our secrets, watch movies and that sort of things.
A) What makes Brenda special for you
B) What type of movies do you watch with her
C) How often do you go shopping with her
D) How many times a week do you meet Brenda

Benjamin: You look so exhausted lately. Would you like to go to Marmaris with me for a cup of tea?
Caroline: I know I need a rest but …………..
A) there is a very important meeting tomorrow
B) we can have a lot of fun there
C) you should stay at work
D) don’t miss the volleyball tournament

Soru: Paragrafa göre hangi seçenekteki çıkarım doğrudur?
I am Ed. I am teenager from UK. In my country teenagers don’t have so much free time at my age. We have school and so much homework. At weekends I meet my friends and we hang out. I rarely stay at home. I hate it! Some evenings, my friends and I stay together and have some kind of parties. We really enjoy those kind of parties. We eat, listen to music and play some funny games.
A) In Ed’s hometown young people spend most of their time outside.
B) Ed prefers staying at home to hanging out at weekends.
C) Ed and his friends sometimes stay together and have fun.
D) Ed doesn’t enjoy house parties.

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