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Sam —-?
Helen : Maths, P.E and History.
A) When is your Maths class
B) Do you have P.E on Monday
C) Is History class on Tuesday
D) Which classes do you have on Friday

Soru: Benjamin is from France. He is fifteen years old. He is a student at Bm grade. He Iikes English and Geography but he dislikes Science. He hates Music because he is not good at playing instruments. He has six classes a day. Today he has double Maths, double English, Music and P.E.
How many classes does Benjamin have a week?
A) Maths   B) 6   C) 8th grade   D) 30

Steve: How old are you?
Dylan: I’m eleven. —–?
Steve: I’m eleven too.
A) How are you
B) And you
C) Are you from Canada
D) Do you like Maths

Mary : Hi, Helen. —–?
Helen : I like Geography class so much.
A) Can you do experiments
B) Is Geography class today
C) What is your favourite class
D) Do you like Science

Tanya: Hello! i’m Tanya. What’s your name?
Erica: Hi! My name’s Erica.
Tanya: Erica? Are you from Spain?
Erica: No, I’m from Italy. Where are you from?
Tanya: I’m from Russia. How old are you?
Erica: I’m twelve. And you?
Tanya: I’m thirteen. Do you speak French?
Erica: No. I speak Italian and English. How many languages do you speak?
Tanya: Three. I speak Russian, Spanish and English. Oh, the teacher is in. Nice to meet you Erica.
Erica: Glad to meet you.
How many languages does Erica speak?
A) Italian  B) Two  C) Three  D) She’s from Italy

Clara: Are you Chinese?
Fiona: Oh, no. I’m Japanese. —–?
Clara: I’m from India.
A)  What is your name
B What is your favourite class
C) And, you
D Do you speak Indian

Ayla: Do you like Art?
Pelin: Oh, yes! It`s my favourite.
Ayla: ——?
Pelin: No, not really. I dislike playing instruments.
A) How are you doing
B) Do you speak English
C) What’s your favourite class
D) What about Music

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