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“What should we do when we don't use the electrical devices?” sorusuna en uygun cevap ne olmalıdır?
A) We can return them.
B) We can put them in the bin.
C) We can sell them.
D) We should unplug them.

Larry: We should do something to save our world.
Tom: Why?
Larry: Because the global warming is increasing, and it gives harm to the planet.
Tom: What should we do?
Larry: We shouldn't harm wildlife, and the rainforests. We should plant more trees and recycle the waste materials.
Tom: Correct. We should stop polluting the air, land and seas, too.
Tom mentions about kinds of pollution.
A) one B) two C) three D) four

Tom: Why are the oceans so polluted?
Burak: Well, because people are
A) wasting the water too much
B) swimming with their pants
C) throwing chemicals in them
D) catching all the fishes

Kate: Why shouldn't we in the forest?
Selin: Well, they produce oxygen, and they are a shelter for the animals.
A) go mountain biking
B) cut down the trees
C) eat any sandwiches
D) go camping and eat

According to the picture what is she doing?
A) She is throwing the rubbish around.
B) She is protecting the animals.
C) She is turning off the tap.
D) She is recycling the paper.

Sevgi : I always drive my car.
Maya : I never cycle to school.
Kayra: I don't recycle my rubbish.
Buğra: I walk to school every day.
Who is an environmentaliy friendiy person?
A) Sevgi B) Maya C) Kayra D) Buğra

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