] }

Andy: ..............?
Beckie: He can repair the cars.
A) Where does a mechanic work
B) Who can repair the cars
C) What can a mechanic do
D) Where is the mechanic

Jim: .................. ?
Laura: My father! He is a chef.
A) What's your Job
B) What does your father do
C) Where does your father live
D) Who is your father

Larry: Where were you born, Jim ?
Jim: .......................... .
Larry: Really? I was born there, too.
Yukarıda verilen diyalogda boş bırakılan yere gelmesi uygun ifade ne olmalıdır?
A) In 2000
B) In Liverpool
C) On Monday
D) In August

Bella : ——-- ?
Chris : He is a driver.
A) What is your dream job
B) What can you do
C) What does your sister do on weekends
D) What does your father do

1 March, 2005
Jasmine : When were you born?
Kevin : I was born on -———- :
A) one March two thousand and five
B) the first of March, two thousand and five
C) the twenty first of March two thousand and five
D) the second of March two thousand and five

Daniel : What is your job?
Eric: I'm a hair dresser. I can -———- .
A) defend people at courts
B) cut, dye and design hair
C) pull out teeth
D) drive cars and lorries

Henry: What does your father do?
Jack : Hes a vet. He can --——- .
A) take care of animals
B) build a house
C) prepare meals
D) treat the diseases of your teeth

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