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Soru: Terry : There is a great animation at the movie theatre this Sunday.
Merve : ----- ?
Terry : Shrek 3. It's my favourite.
A) What kind of the film
B) Where is it on
C) When is it
D) What is the name ofit

Soru: Wendy : Do you like watching movies?
Clara : Yes, of course.
Wendy : ----- Üş
Clara : |love comedies.
A) What is your favourite game
B) What kind of movies do you like
C) Do you watch animations
D) What time does the film start

Soru: Dan : Shall we watch “Spider Man” this Saturday?
Ted : ----- . What time is it?
Dan : At4pm.
A) Great idea
B) That sounds really boring
C) I'm sorry but | can't
D) | don't like adventure movies

Soru: Betty : | think, he's brave and strong. He's my favourite movie character.
A) What types of movies do you like
B) What do you think about “Spiderman”
C) What is the “Superman” about
D) Do you like adventure movies

Soru: Maria : Shall we watch “Toy Story” at the movie theater?
Sally : Sounds great. ----- ?
Maria : City Movie Theatre. It's behind our school.
A) When is it
B) What is the name of the movie theater
C) What is it about
D) What time is the movie start

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