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Soru: Daughter : Can | have a birthday party at our home?
Mom P ———— . We must order a birthday cake first.
Daughter : Oh, mum. Thank you.
A) Of course dear
B) No, you can’t
C) Not right now
D) Sorry, you can't

Soru: You want to go to Adam’s birthday party.
What can you say to your mum?
A) Can | call Adam?
B) Can | answer the question?
C) Can | join Adam’s party?
D) Can | throw a birthday party?

Soru: Nick: ..... ?
John: İt's in June.
A) When is your birthday
B) Do you like birthday parties
C) Where do you have your birthday party
D) Which parties do you like

Soru: Matt :-——- ?
Clara :Sorry not right now. | must finish my homework.
A) Want some cake
B) Would you like to go shopping with me
C) Do you like fancy dress parties
D) Can | come in

Soru: Patrick : It's my birthday next Saturday.
Can | give a party, mum?
Mum : Of course, you can. What do wen need for the party?
Patrick : A lot of drinks, music CDs and party hats.
Mum : Do we need any balloons?
Patrick : No, but we must buy some decorations.
Mum : What about a clown?
Patrick : No, we don’t need a clown.
Mum : | can make a big birthday cake.
Patrick : Thank you mum. You are great.
Which one is TRUE?
A) The party is next Sunday.
B) Patrick can make the birthday cake.
C) Patrick wants to throw a party.
D) They order a big birthday cake.

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